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February 11, 2010
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Bargraph Widget for Conky 2.1 by wlourf Bargraph Widget for Conky 2.1 by wlourf
This is widget written in lua/cairo to use with conky. At the beginning, it was inspired from equalizer on old hi-fi systems and I wanted to draw bar graphs.

Update 07.01.11 for bug fix on memory leaks
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Thanks for this great lua script, i gave it a handle while maintaining all other features.…
je l'utilise et ša rend vraiment bien bon boulot
g0rg0d Dec 30, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for creating such awesome widgets.... :thanks: ..You're great man...
Whoa this looks great! I'm totally gonna add this to my setup when I get home :D it will be replacing my song progress bar~
hi angrypsyco, I hope to see your setuo on ubuntu forums soon ! and thks for the fav
vrkalak Feb 12, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
I saw this or something like it, in the Conky Section of the Crunchbang/Linux Forums.

Looks nice but, setting it up and maintaining it must be a 'nightmare' :faint:. . . glad you got it to work for you.

I always have a Conky Application of my Linux desktop, however, I'm not that knowledgeable with Conky/Lua/Cairo scripts.

It was hard enough to config my own single-line across the top Conky script. :(
there is no nightmare at all! In a couple of hours I managed to do a "moving" equalizer (it's use this widget) : you can see the video here :[link]
That is more difficult to write, I agree!
hi, no its' quite simple to use (really !) in two steps:
first step :
in you conky before the TEXT section call the lua script like this :
lua_load /path/to/your/script/thescript.lua
lua_draw_hook_pre main

(main is the name of the function to call)
And add at least a blank line (or a written line) after TEXT

second step:
In the Lua script, in the main function, set up the bar like this
equalizer('fs_used_perc', '/home', 100, 10, cap_butt, -2, x0, w,h,0,
bgc,bga, fgc,fga, alc,ala, alarm, led_effect, led_alpha,smooth,mid_color,mid_alpha,90)

you need to call equalizer(...) for each bar you want.
the parameters are
(name, arg, max, nb_blocks, cap, xb, yb, w, h, space, bgc, bga, fgc, fga,alc,ala,alarm,led_effect,led_alpha,smooth,mid_color,mid_alpha,rotation)
More explanations on the parameters in the Lua script ...

I will had this README in next versions !
while I don't have any real need for something like this in my own configuration, I think it is awesome and just shows how creative and wonderful you can get with Conky!

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